What’s New

v2.9.2 – 03/04/2021

  • [Amazon] Fixed a bug where Add to Cart checkout flow will be blocked by warranty upsell modal

v2.9.0 – 03/04/2021

  • [Target] Target completely redone their product page, so we’ve updated Costbell to make it work with the new version of the website
  • [Amazon] Fixed a bug where we will incorrectly send out success order notification when you didn’t use Costbell

v2.8.4 – 02/04/2021

  • [Amazon] Added the support to send out Costbell confirmation email with success order

v2.8.2 – 01/23/2021

  • We moved Amazon and GameStop from Beta testing to official release

v2.8.1 – 01/04/2021

  • [Target] Fixed a bug when PS5 shows in stock for shipping but unable to add to cart

v2.8.0 – 12/28/2021

  • [Best Buy] Added an additional notification when checkout process needs manual interaction (e.g. your account is eligible for purchase but Out of Stock nearby, you need to manually pick another available store to complete the transaction). This email notification doesn’t not require Pro memebership and will be trigger for any user if necessary
  • [Best Buy] We also added a new workflow to handle Out of Stock Nearby scenario, but it is still under testing and we don’t guarantee it will work (thus we send out the email above requesting manual attention to the order).

v2.7.10 – 12/09/2021

  • [Nofitication Emails] The same type of notification emails for the same page will now only trigger every 2 mins, this is to reduce the spam emails fired off when you stuck on e.g. /cart page
  • [Post Uninstall Survey] We’ve added a survey so you can tell us why we suck when uninstall 🙂

v2.7.9 – 12/01/2021

  • [Target] Added additional logic to handle extensive pickup order flow, will auto fill the pick up person with dummy name if none is preset in your account
  • [Amazon.ca] Added initial support for amazon.ca, please note this is still in beta test.

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